Who knew electricity was so interesting?


So how do you make sense of the changes announced by the government?

This week the Alberta government announced that they would be capping the regulated rate option (RRO) for electricity at 6.8¢ per kilowatt hour starting in June next year to protect Albertans from price volatility as we move away from coal generated electricity. And it’s got our customers asking questions about what that means to them.

Here’s the thing – ENMAX Energy’s EasyMax® rates have been protecting consumers from volatility for more than 10 years by offering Albertans the choice of moving between the fixed and floating rates for electricity without getting locked in.

More than electricity

“What’s more, these options also come with the value added benefits of both your electricity and gas on one bill, energy efficiency tips and tools, and credit card payment that you simply can’t choose if you’re on the RRO.” Corry Poole, VP, Customer Experience explained.

We’ve been helping our customers find new energy solutions for more than a decade, so dealing with change is nothing new to us. We think it’s actually part of our DNA.

“We are still waiting to see how it will come together. Our adaptability has served our customers very well over the years. We’re already looking at new ideas that will benefit Albertans and our customers in this new market,” Poole says.


You can choose any retailer listed at www.ucahelps.alberta.ca or at 310-4822. Electricity delivery to your home or business isn’t affected by your choice of retailer.

Your Natural Gas Bill – What to Expect


At ENMAX, we know that planning ahead matters to Albertans, and whether you’re running a business or raising a family, being able to plan means being able to anticipate your expenses.

Since June when the Alberta Government passed legislation on its carbon levy for natural gas and oil, we’ve had a lot of questions from both residential and commercial customers about how it will affect the natural gas segment of their bills.

So to help you prepare for what’s coming January 1, 2017, here’s a few quick facts: (more…)

There’s more to your electricity bill than electricity.

There are lots of things you can do to control how much electricity you use. You can turn off lights left on by the kids, hang your laundry instead of using the dryer, or install energy efficient appliances.

Controlling your electricity use is a great thing to do on many levels, but because of other fees or charges related to your electricity also fluctuate, it may not necessarily result in a lower bill at the end of every month.

Getting plugged in to what you pay


Copper theft is on the rise (updated)

open transformer (002)

Damaged transformers can put our family and neighbours at risk. If you see one, please stay back and call 911.

Update February 9, 2016

Calgary Police have arrested two people and charged them with breaking and entering  in relation to an incident at a transformer. We’ll continue to support the Calgary Police’s efforts on this and other investigations.

We are committed to the safety of our communities and crews, and helping to ensure a reliable source of electricity.

(Original post December 2015) Recently, we’ve seen a rash of copper thefts from our electrical transformers (those green boxes found in many neighbourhoods) and other electricity infrastructure. This unfortunate trend is caused by people who are willing to risk injury, or possibly death for a few quick, albeit illegal dollars.

This problem isn’t limited to Calgary, and similar thefts are occurring across Alberta and Canada.

The cost is more than dollars


How to get ahead by not keeping up with the Joneses

By now you’ve probably heard of ENMAX Energy’s My Energy IQ™ program.

We were thrilled to have Alex Laskey, President and Founder of Opower, drop by and share what motivated him to create the software that allows My Energy IQ™ to help people control their energy.

 “Opower was started nine years ago with the idea that people deserve better information about their energy consumption.”

Alex explains how the behavioural science behind My Energy IQ™ gives people the information that they really want to have.

Learn more about My Energy IQ™  for your home or your business on our website. Or you can try it for yourself by signing in to your ENMAX Energy account.

“People have questions about their energy bill, their consumption… and more importantly what they can do about it.”


Body, soul and solar.

Southland Leisure Centre solar panelsTogether ENMAX and The City of Calgary have added some equipment to the Southland Leisure Centre that will help all of us feel a bit better and even improve our energy.

Except in this case, the equipment isn’t new treadmills, bikes or an electronic scoreboard, it’s actually something that will help those things run – 600 solar panels installed on the leisure centre’s roof.

Covering the same space as the ice surface of Southland’s Joseph Kryczka arena, this solar set up will generate 160,000 – 184,000 kWh every year – which is equal to the amount used by 21 – 24 average Calgary homes. And in doing so, will also affect the centre’s environmental footprint.

Up on the roof


Do you remember where you were a year ago? We do.

photo 26

If you’ve lived in Alberta for even a short time, you know that strange weather and unseasonable snowfalls are as common as wearing shorts and sandals in February. However, even if we weren’t surprised, it’s nearly impossible not to watch any early snowfall and not think back to “Snowtember”.

With up to 20 centimetres of heavy, wet snow, over one million trees on public and private property were damaged or sadly, destroyed. In a lot of cases those tree branches and whole trees took down power lines as they fell, resulting in the loss of power for thousands of Calgarians.

As a result the ENMAX trouble line received more calls than during the 2013 flood.

Bigger than the storm

If the storm seemed overwhelming, there was something else that we were overwhelmed by – the ability for people – Calgarians, City of Calgary crews, utility crews from other cities, and our own teams, to pull together, clean up and get things back to normal.

After the 2013 flood and countless other examples, this, like an unseasonable snowstorm, wasn’t really a surprise, but it never fails to amaze us. (more…)

Oh hail! The osprey cam is off the air.

osprey 1

Photo credit: Janet Preston

From time to time we’ve referred to the osprey cam, and the activities in the nest as the best reality show on the internet.

Well, unfortunately reality became a bit too real last week for the osprey cam.

Along with all the damage done across Calgary by the extreme hailstorms, it seems that the osprey cam has been knocked out.

Working with our friends at the Calgary Zoo, the cause for the camera going dark has been narrowed down to damage to the camera, or the WIFI connection.

Yes, there’s good news and bad news